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Bank card

Our site is secure

For all your payments by credit card, the transaction is secured by SSL encryption technology. All your payment details are encrypted from your computer to the bank server. This information is confidential and can not be seen or used without your knowledge.

Shipping Rates

The debit of the credit card is made about 2 days after the order. It does not intervene as soon as the order is placed, it is not realized if the order is not validated or as long as all the articles are not in stock.

Virtual bank card

In order to secure your purchases online, some banks allow you to generate single-use bank card numbers for a given amount. Of course, we are happy to accept the regulations through this process. However, the number of virtual bank cards has a limited validity. Also, unlike other types of payment by credit card, the levy will be made on order.

Payment ceiling

Most payment cards have a maximum payment ceiling, usually between 1500 and 4000 €. The payment limit is defined contractually between the cardholder and the issuing bank. The payment limit is calculated over a rolling 30-day period. Any request for payment shall be included in the calculation of the ceiling, including where payment is granted but not yet implemented. This is called pre-flow. If an order is canceled (and therefore never debited), the pre-debit amount will continue to be taken into account when calculating the amount available before the ceiling is reached. It is generally possible to ask your bank for a ceiling increase, temporary or permanent.